A fitness program named “Insanity” does not need much of an introduction. The simple truth is that it is one of the hardest and most effective fitness programs to ever have been put on a DVD. This fitness program has one goal and one goal alone, to get your body into the shape you want.

The best part of this training program, as I realized it when I ordered it, is that you do not need any fancy equipment or material to do it. All you need is an insane desire to get in shape. All you need to do is make some space, pop in the DVD and get ready for one of the most insane experiences of your life.
The reason why this training method is so effective, and hardcore, is because it functions opposite it to the traditional method of interval training. This program focuses on having long intervals of high intensity exercises interspersed with short intervals. This allows you to push your body past the limits that have been set by the mind and lose up to an astonishing 1000 calories every hour.
This 10 DVD workout program helps you in spreading out the exercise you need in such a way that you get the best results in 60 days. Yes, you heard me right. 60 days is all it took to get amazing results.
In addition to the DVD’s, you also receive a nutrition plan, workout calendar, fitness guide and online support tools to ensure that you can make the most of this insane workout program.

Want to test Insanity Workout,  get in touch with us we managed to get a few for you at an amazing price (€50)!